This 7 Step Formula Will Help You to Scale Your Baking Business to a Greater Level in 2020....It will Also Turn You to a Professional Baker Who Can Bake any Type of Cake and Have Customer Line-Up to Patronize you... 

NOTE: You Should Take Your Time to Read

Dear Baker,

It is a good thing that you have stumble uppon this great pieces which is aim at helping every beginner and intermedite bakers to become a professional in matter of weeks.

The ways to be succesful in cake business is not so different from every other businesses. In every business, the way you 'carry yourself' is the number one strategy that will determine your stay and growth in the business. Most people refer to this as packaging. This is not necessarily branding alone, most expecially in cake business, you must consistently be in search of  new things, be on the trends and go allong with different new things.

Sometimes, you will need to upgrade yourself to a certain taste in order to meet up most clients' standard. In cake business, there is consistent new trends you may need to always follow.

Why some Bakers are more successful than the other...

Have you ever seat down to ask yourself why some cake baker easily get their way to a higher level while others are still in the background struggline with a 'change' kind of order?  the answer is not far fetched.

Everything burns down to Foundation. Foundation is very important in every businesses. Your foundation may be who you learnt from, your environment and some other factors and In most cases, the level of knowledge you have on what you do.

This has great impact on your business.  This time, it does not matter if you are baking from home or If you have a baking store, what matters is how you do it.

Sometimes ago when I started my cake business, I also believed I was doing things the right way until I was proved wrong with  the kind of cakes I see around me.

How my Baking Story Changed from Nah to Yah!

Today, whenever I bake a cake for any ocassion, I recieve great comments from my clients. Although this has not always been the case for me back in 2007 when I started my cake business.

I started with a local training, I was an intern for over 6 months leaning how to make cakes. When I completed this training, I was only exposed to 3 different type of cakes. I started making cakes for my friends on their birhday and other special days, when some other people saw this, they appreciate the fact that I now bake because at this time, getting a baker in our area was scarce.

I got my first order from my church

When the noise has gone round that I bake cakes, most of the people around me now have confidence to walk up to me whenever they have an occassion, even my church could now begin a 'One cake for one month' system to celebrate people that were born in any month. I started baking for my friend and church but there is still a certain problem, I only know how to bake three type of cakes.

This time, I was not yet aware that even the three cakes I thought I was good at was not perfect. What I discovered was that whenever I bake for people, even in my church, I do not recieve any comments until I asked people by myself and anytime I ask, I just get a normal response like 'Its okay'.

IF you are a cake baker and you have this symptom, know that you need to upgrade

Just like any other beginner, I never knew this is a symptom that my cake is not good enough untill a very close friend confronted me to explain the comments she's hearing about my cake...

This is When I Know  I needed to Step Up

 I intentionally choose cake baking as a business as my favourite because I have  passion for this job, So for me, there is no going back. I know If I want to succeed and stop all negative comments and step-up to become a professional, the only remedy is to gain more knowledge.

This led me to attending several trainings from Top Professionals in the business, visit most seminars and go through a lot of research.    This time, my Business was paused.

Although,  Apart from the fact that this cost me so much financially, It also cost me time and several efforts but today, I am a proud baker.

Learning from different professionals who are located in different areas of the country gave me an insight that these professionals use same recipes but different measurements and completely  different methods of baking.

I began to gear-up different method from different professionals in order to bake the best...

Since I got back to my cake business and began baking again after this exposure and comprehensive experience,  I started getting Great Feedbacks whenever I bake and Since this time, My Cake Ordering jumped over to 7X more. My Pricing also got increased and my Clients still value my Job.

The amazing thing is that since I started using this special method of baking different cakes, I have also thought over 15 people who are now ruling the cake business in their domains.

These Special method of baking 10 different cakes is what  I have decided to document in order to help any beginners and Intermidiary who is lucky to come accross it.

And Now, this My Special Recipes, Messurements and Method of
Baking 10 Different Amazing Cakes is now at your disposal I hope you take advantage of it to Change your Business' Game.


The Ultimate Cake Baking Guide


The Comprehensive Baking Manual that will turn you to a Baking Super Star... 
And a Professional Who will confidently charge more for Good Job

This Special Recipes, Special Measurement and Method of baking Manual was
launched some months ago and most people who have benefited from it
has been sending their testimonies...


The Truth is...

The best things needed for any baker to be called a professional is having great recipes and a special method of Baking them which must stand out from the crowd.

If you have these things in place, the following things will become easy for you...

(1)  You will know how to diversify and make different creative cakes for your clients that they will not want to finish eating.

(2)  Your customers will now have no option than to come back and say "Thank you"  (even when you were awesomely paid to do their job) 

(3)   You will become the cake boss in your environment and beyond

The only thing you need to grow your cake business is a consistent upgrade and this can only happen by exposing yourself to different special recipes and a stand out method of making.   And this is the one reason why most people never grow in cake business, they keep following the crowd. They do things the same way many other people do it and this will never make them different.

What You Will Be Learning From
Ultimate Baking Guide...

  • You will be exposed to 10 different special cake recipes...
  • I will be taking you through My Unique way of Measurement... How I measure each types of Cake that has made me stand out in this Busines...
  • You will learn the Unique Standard Method I have been Using to Bake my Cakes for customers that has made me dominate far beyond my environment in cake making.   These method took me years and series of trainings to learn.
  • I will teach you some Special Tricks of pricing your Cakes that will make your customers think you are underpricing even when your price is above others.
  • You will learn a special way of making perfect Butter Icing 
  • I will teach you the Unique step-by-step way of Baking with Stove or Gass, Without Using an Oven
  • You will also learn the Perfect Delivery Method I use to Dliver my Cake Safely to my Clients with or without a car...


One of my major secrets is that I give so much attention to Baking Manuals. This is because they are valuable and easy to go back to whenever you need a guideline.  Seminars are good but baking manuals has really worked for me most especially whenever I am on the field (Baking).

Before I get to where I am today, I have invested in loads of baking Manuals.

In 2011, after I had gone through series of seminars and training, I discovered that I always need further help whenever I am practising and I most cases, Non of the training facilitators can stay with me in my baking store. So I seek for advice from professional on what I can actually do in order to have a better baking experience and I discover the secret is A Baking Manuals.

This secret is even what most of the professional white bakers use... After I knew this secret, I keep investing in Baking Manuals and Today, I am a professional Baker.

Why Most Nigerians Lack in Cake Business

Sometimes, if you do not get things right in any business you will think the business is not working.   If well done, Cake business is a business that should make anyone rich this is because it's a business that have no season, and no end. But many Nigerians are really lacking behind in Cake business because they don't invest in Knowledgible Manuals.

In any business, it is very important that you have guidelines that will put you through whenever you are about to practice or when you need help. If you have not been investing in baking manuals, I will advise you start now. This will help to keep sharpening your knowledge. It will help you to have something ( a guideline) to fall back on whenever you need a support while baking.

Now, The Manual is ONLY for this Category of People

  • Someone who is a beginner in Cake Baking and want to have a wow experience from the beginning
  • Someone who has been baking before now ( Intermidiary) but wants to scale up and Improve his/her method of baking different type of cakes inorder to become a professional in cake Business.
  • Someone who is a total beginner and passionate about Cake Baking but does not know where to start from...This Baking Manual will help this category of people to Kickstart their Baking and grow in cake Business to Become a Cake Boss.

What People Who Has Benefited From
This Ultimate Cake Baking Guide are Saying

Most people who have benefited from the Ultimate Baking Guide in the past are now the controller of Cake Making in their Environments. Below are the testimony shared by some of them...

As the matter of fact, If I should be showing all testimonies,
this page will not contain it.

People's Reaction on Facebook
Concerning Ultimate Baking Guide


Before I tell you the cost for this Manual, I want you to think about the Value it will add to you...

Think of what you will actually achieve if your business begins to perform extraordinarily in the next 1 Month.

You will begin to get more better orders.

You will begin to charge more because you now have a value that your customers cannot resist.

And Most especially, your clients will come back to appreciate you after their event for taking their money and doing a nice job.

How much does that feeling worth?

What we have in this Manual is the same Value I Give for N120,000, when I do physical training.

But now, you will not be paying anything close to that...

This is because I want more people to benefit from this training Manual.

The HARD COPY of Ultimate Baking  Guide is N18,500 ( delivery charges excluded) And Delivery is within 5 to 7 working days.

However, In order to allow you to get it for a Cheaper Cost, and also have EASY and FAST ACCESS regardless of wherever you are in Nigeria, I have decided to make it accessible as a Digital Product.

What this means is that, Immediately you make payment, you will be granted Instant Access to Download Ultimate Baking Guide which can be accessed through any phone, Ipad or Computer.

It will also be sent to your email, so that It can be Downloaded and printed out from your email if you like.

But Not Only that...When you Successfully Order for your Copy of Healthy Baby Food Guide today,

You will also be Getting some amazing Bonuses Delivered to your Email alongside...


The BREAD Cookbook

When you place your order today for the "Ultimate Cake Baking Guide" I will also send you my Bread recipe book where you will learn 8 Different bread recipies ( How to make 8 Different types of Bread).

This Bread Manual alone is sold for N5,500 but for the LIMITED TIME, I will be giving it as an extral bonus.

If you leave and come back later, this bonus may not be available again.


Extra Bonus Manual


My Book "Top Baking Secrets" is an eye-opener to some amazing secrets you should practice while baking every type of cakes.

These secrets alone is enough to make you stay on top.

This Manual is sold for 4,000.

 But If you order for the "Ultimate Cake Baking Guide" today, you will be getting it without paying any extra amount.




If you are a beginner in Baking business, it may not be so easy to get an some giant equipments immediately...and one of these equipments is oven.

If you don't have an oven yet, that's not a problem.

In this LIVE Video, I will be showing you a NEWLY INTRODUCED (EASY & STRESS-FREE Method of Baking with or without an oven and still have your cake yummy.

Although, This Video will Only be available as a bonus to the Ultimate Baking Guide for a Limited time...So, If you get it right now, you will be getting the Video alongside.


Exclusive Offer:   You'll Get
My One-on-one Training Video


If you get the Ultimate Cake Baking Guide during this promo, you will also be getting access to my 1-on-1 Training Video where I will be teaching you what I do to make more money from Cake Business and how you can also make alot of money from your cake business even as a home baker.  In this Video, I will be taking you through the following...

  • How to Beat the competition in your environment and Stay on Top 
  • How you can Boost your Cake Sales Profit Up to 5X
  • How to Spend less on Advertising and Make More as a Baker
  • How to Brand your Product the Unique way to Attract Different Kind of customers
  • Labelling your Products with style... How to do this and How it can Improve your Business

Here are what you will be getting when you
order Ultimate Baking Guide today...

Ultimate Cake Baking Guide; Where you will be learning 10 different cake recipes, my Unique way of measurement and the Method I have been using to make these cakes for my customers all these things are things are what makes me a Baking Champion and has worked for many other people. 

The Bread Cookbook:  Where you will be learning 8 Different Bread recipes and the method of baking them.  In this Manual, you will be exposed to Nigerian Local Bread and other foreign yummy Breads that you can easily find the materials in your area.

Top Baking Secrets for Beginners & Intermediate;   The Book that will expose you to some amazing secrets that will help you while baking every cakes. These secrets will keep you on top of baking.

My Exclusive Training Video on Building a Money Making Cake Business:  Where I will be teaching you load of things to do in order to start Making Good Money with your cake Business as it has worked for me. 


 Where I will be showing you a NEWLY INTRODUCED (EASY & STRESS-FREE Method of Baking with or without an oven and still have your cake yummy.

Total VALUE = N16,250

This means the total price you should be getting the Total
Package of the Ultimate Baking Guide is 16,250.


But You'll Get the Complete Package TODAY for Just

 5,850 NAIRA

Offer Ends in...


Once This Promo Offer Expires, The Ultimate Baking Guide
( Digital Copy) will Go Back to the 
Original Price of N16,250
and all the Bonuses will no longer be free also.


At the Current Discount Price of ONLY N5,850 you cannot say the Manual is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

You cannot say I hate you and do not want you to benefit from this new game changer strategies.

For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it. 

So there you go.

There is ONLY ONE THING Remaining for You to Do

At this point, you already know the Value of this training Manual. You know that this Manual will change your game and turn you to a baking champion who can charge any amount for a job because of the quality you will now have in your possession.

The next thing to do right now is to invest N5,850 (Promo price) to get started. 

Remember the Price Slash Offer Expires soon.

Ordering is simple.

Just follow the instruction below.

Payment Procedures


This Option is the FASTEST because it Gives you INSTANCE ACCESS to the Ultimate Cake Baking Guide and All the Bonuses even at Midnight...

All you need is an ATM card (Visa, Mastercard and Verve) and you will be able to pay through Paystack, the most popular Online payment processing company in Nigeria.

Click HERE OR Click on the red button below and you will be taken to a Paystack Secure page where you can buy through your ATM CARD.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged thesame amount and after the payment, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training Manual and all the Bonuses. A copy will also be sent to your Email


PAY THROUGH DIRECT BANK; If you Don't have an ATM Card
Paystack Now Allows You to Pay Directly Through Your Bank Account Using The Registered Phone No...

If You Want To Use this Payment Option, After you click the red button below, Fill your details,  Click 'Make Payment'  and Simply Select 'Bank', 

IF YOUR BANK IS ON THE LIST OF BANK THAT ACCEPT THIS METHOD, You will be asked for your Bonuses Number.  Once the Payment is successful,

you'll be automatically redirected to where you can INSTANTLY Get the Training Manual and all the Bonuses.

OPTION 2 - PAY VIA BANK Transfer / 
Cash Deposit
This method can also be used at anytime even at midnight...
Pay through Mobile Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer, Internet Banking, Paga,
Quick Teller or any other means of Fund Transfer 

Account Name - VONI MULTI-MEDIA    (Current)
Account Number - 0775272918 

NOTE: After the payment, SMS the following to  08022826561

- Ultimate Baking Guide
- Your Account Name (or Depositor's Name If you use Cash Deposit)
- Your email address

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a message from my support,
this message will include the link to the page where you can download
the Baking Manual while a copy will also be sent to your email so that you can redownload anytime you want.

One more thing... The Company Handling the Marketing and Delivery of this Guide for me is known as VONI MULTIMEDIA LTD.
So, If you need Help with Ordering...Contact VONI Multimedia Support on 08022826561 
They will always be of assistance to you.

NOTE:  Always Check the Email Address you provided for my Baking Tips Daily (Messages). This will help you alot in moving your Baking Business to the highest hight

I wish you success.

Baker Ruth
C.E.O De Baking Affairs

Can I Pay Despite the Holiday or Weekend ?

Yes! You can always Pay through Paystack (Click HERE) or  Pay Via Transfer Options...My Support Team are Always available Even during the holiday including Saturday and Sunday.  You can always reach them through Text Message  on 08022826561 Or Email Message.    

If I Order Now for the Ultimate Baking Guide, How  Do I Get it?


1.  If you pay Online through Paystack Using your ATM Card or Bank Account Number, Once your payment is successful, you will immediately be redirected to the Download Page where you will get the UBG Manual and all the Bonuses mentioned Above and all the copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.

2.   If you Pay through  Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or any other Means, after your payment is successful, Text your Name, Email and What you Pay for (Ultimate Baking Guide) to my Support Team on 08022826561. Once your payment is verified, you will be sent the link to the UBG and all the Bonuses while copies will also be sent to your email so that you can keep downloading.

I Need the Hard Copy of the Ultimate Baking Guide,
How Do I Get It?


The Hardcopy of Ultimate Baking Guide is available for N15,950 and Delivery is within 3 to 5days anywhere inside Nigeria. and 7 to 14 days to any country outside Nigeria.  Please Note that the Bonuses stated above ( Bread Cookbook & Top Baking Secret Books) are only attached to the Softcopy.  The current promo is only on the Soft copy which is originally meant for N8,950  but during the promo, anyone who orders the Soft copy will only be paying N4,750.



I know some people are not used to buying things online... Some people believe everything Online is a scam.

My sister, I Understand your plight... We are in Nigeria.

But for this Ultimate Baking Guide, I can guarantee you 1001%.  You have nothing to worry about. Once your payment is being verified, your package will be sent across to you and you'll get all the packages on your email.



How Do I Contact Your Support Team?

You can reach my support team on 08022826561 Call from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pmText message is attended to 24/7  even on weekends.

Always Check the Email Address you provided. You'll get some amazing Baking Tips Daily (Messages) and some FREE GIFT.
This will help you alot in moving your Baking Business to the highest hight.
You may be missing alot from me if you don't check your email.
The Sender Name is:   Baker Ruth



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